In 2007, Warren Norgaard and John Gilgun co-published

There Is A Tomorrow: A Collection of Dialogues in Prose and Poetry.

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Deeply my soul is touched
a stare that reaches the far depths
I melt upon your haunting gaze
which lifts me up
to a new realm
one of desire and trust
beyond the confines of imagination
into an era of examination
old wounds are healed with but a sound
the fire of ecstasy burns my flesh
with the sting of a new awakening
the lashes strong and sweet
opening my consciousness with every stroke
widening inner beauty
releasing my soul to live at last
with heat I feel the seemingly unnatural response
I cannot resist
with utter abandon my body follows
my mind aware only of you
my ears open to your silent whisper
the world becomes another
new shades of color to accent
and yet I notice only you
my pleasure increases with thoughts of yours
I am overtaken
unable to speak...yet very aware
your commanding soul my only focus
I feel your power and know my own
very distinct and yet one with the other
you speak
my mind does not understand the words
yet my body reacts immediately
my soul reaches to realize the words given
"You are mine"
the words whispered with confidence
my body understands
my mind lost in the sound
"I am yours"
I whisper as I reach the new destination
and lose myself completely
I am free.
-Warren Norgaard

Sex Offender

Warm me all over
In the heavy leather chairs of his outer chamber
With the events that have led you here...
Sitting and watching dirty films,
slouched in a comfy chair with my little friend
dancing about in that warm, mysterious bag...
The events that have led you here,
As I called my elderly neighbor
to make my travels faster
(I thought) than the others.
The events that have led you here...
to the loud ringing of the bells and
down among the houses, 
dusting the trees and children with a soft, silky ash.
The events that have led you here...
You could see that, to the right, a small pond 
had collected with the spring rains.
-Warren Norgaard

Moments of Ecstasy

While I lay in fold of flannel warmth,
drifting towards a bliss that is sleep,
my dreams begin.
Dreams of 
soft, gentle kisses
romantic walks 
along deserted beaches
and sizzling sunsets
Dreams of
Passionate nights
full of fleeting promises
and softly spoken pet names
Dreams of
You, drifting into slumber,
your head resting on my lap
watching romantic movies
as I run my fingers through your hair
Dreams of
sitting in a provincial little cafe
lost somewhere in Europe,
no cares (in mind nor heart)
holding your hand in mine
and staring into your eyes
As light gently filters back into the room,
and the hassles of life begin to assault my senses
I awake, wrapped not in flannel, but rather
wrapped in you, where I once believed
only my dreams could take me.
I lay awake, entangled in you, smiling,
running my fingers through your hair
as you slowly begin to wake,
and I continue to dream
of you.
-Warren Norgaard

seventy-two hours

making love with dali
must have been strange
with bowls of fruit
naked half-women
hands holding dice
being crushed by clouds
on fire
falling from the ground
making love with christ
might have been strange
with ten commandments
fully clothed sheep-skin half-truths
hands held out
being crushed by doves
on fire
falling from the sky
eating with dali
must have been messy
oil lamp
with broken bottles
naked half-women
seen from the back
giant oranges
melting like clocks
eating with christ
might have been filling
with five loaves and two fish
oil-anointed feet
holding hands
being kissed by judas
on fire
for selling christ's body
playing card with dali
would allow for new rules
dealing the next hand
of mice
over the telephone
holding naked half-women
behind a red sky
in the water
in the mirror
playing cards with christ
followed all the rules
with fifty-two cards
and twelve disciples
hands help out
waiting for the women
to serve
the passover meal
dying with dali
would be a self-portrait
pianos and rotting donkeys
early swing music
being held by three hands
neatly installed into cardboard
with a wash basket
as a coffin
buried into the green sky
and returning on minute short
of seventy-two hours
-Warren Norgaard

Perhaps You Didn’t Notice …

For John Gilgun

"If you ever came on to me I'd probably
melt like an ice cube." - John Gilgun
It's been ten years now.
From 1390 miles away,
We made love. But,
Perhaps you didn't notice.
It was discreet, I'll admit.
Intercourse, through email,
Penetration via modem.
I stripped you naked,
One word at a time,
Slowly, sensually,
Kissing your skin
With every keystroke.
We've been going at it
For ten years now,
As hot and heavy
As that very first time. But,
Perhaps you didn't notice.Once, I sat across from you
In your living room,
On your couch,
Hugging your pillow
To my body
As we conversed
So passionately.For a moment that night,
When your eyes sparkled,
Vibrant and excited,
And your smile widened
Encompassing the room,
You were twenty again.
We made love in that moment
And it lasted for days. But,
Perhaps you didn't notice.
-Warren Norgaard

Ying & Yang

For Carol Sutton

She is black and white
and had a similar sister
who has disappeared.
We named the other one Ying 
and this one Yang. 
Yang is now Ying Yang 
and is living up to her name.
We never know what to expect
when we walk out the door. 
One day, I opened the door 
and she streaked by 
and back 
and by again 
and then hid in the bushes.
Another day 
I came home 
and she ran 
and hid under the door mat,
peeked out and wiggled her tail
until the kittens jumped her.
When I pet her, 
she bats my hand 
if I stop petting too soon.
She purrs so loud 
you can hear her 
across the road.
This morning 
she dashed out of the bushes, 
by the house, 
skidded onto the mat,
and instead of going under it,
she rolled it over her
forming a cat taco
And wriggled like crazy.
(Wayne says 
if you eat a cat taco 
it will give you gas)
When we got home just now, 
the door mat was half way across the yard, 
upside down.
We recently got a dog.
She is too short legged 
to chase cars. 
She looks just like a German Shepherd 
but with 3 inch long legs. 
Ying Yang plays with her 
as if she were a cat.
We think 
the cat 
is psychotic.
-Warren Norgaard

Under A Sunless Sky

Uncertain figures seek each other out in newfound darkness
As hesitant lips touch, unsure of acceptability.
Now, as sunless sky streams through vertical blinds
Spilling lavishly over our warm and shaking selves,
We undress one another, meekly, feebly, carefully.
My palms, perspiring in anticipation, gently reach for you,
Caressing the small of your back, the form of your buttocks.
This body -- your body -- is so foreign to my touch.
Accustomed to different curves, in different places,
Unsure what to do. I am lost in the newness of this experience.
Our tongues meet in rich embrace, lingering in the taste of oral wines.
Passion fills my veins, pulsing hot where blood once flowed.
I bring you close, that you may bear down on me.
Enjoying every moment of your company, in my fear and confusion,
I bring my mouth downward, kissing your neck,
Then north, my tongue begging to probe the depths of your ear.
You squeal with enjoyment, arching your body upward. I am pleased.
Success, it seems, is mine, if only for the moment. You hands 
Roam my body, and I lay back to enjoy the warmth of your touch.
My soul absorbs your attentions eagerly, yet cannot succumb fully.
The urges to embrace your sex are overwhelming, and I must act.
Moving southerly, I embrace your manhood, gently, cautiously,
Hesitantly exploring you with my tongue and lower lip.
You are so warm and soft; smooth, rich with desire I cannot resist.
With passions bridled no longer, my lust runs strong; and stronger still
As I am unleashed wholly upon you, suddenly free of restraint,
And enjoying fully the taste of your flesh, every inch.
-Warren Norgaard


for Matthew Shepard

Catching up on
Anthony in California
Hey! It's me...
Hi there...
Never forget -
My Own Private Idaho
My Own Private Idaho
My Own Private Idaho
New kid on the block
Virus alert!
Hum along to some great
My next door neighbor
Anybody know
My next door neighbor
Story about my next door neighbor
Poor me! Tee Hee!
Other nice Hollywood stars
Age and the
Update on the life and times of
All my sins...
Hatred of certain
"Sluts" and others
All my sins
All my sins
"Sluts" and other
Hatred of certain
Life is sweet
Hatred of
This is so funny
This is really cool
Try this
Joke of the day -
-Warren Norgaard


Inspired By Rob Johnson

And you take me, in your car,
And you drive me, in the night,
To the place you hold so sacred.And the moon shines down on us
And illuminates the valley walls, the rippling tide,
And it is as if the great spirits await your beckoning call,
And they come to life as you press the button on that old radio,
The one you bough in the second hand store for ten dollars,
And the music of the gods spills forth.And you turn to me,
And you take me in your arms,
And you smile.
And you stare at the rippling.... waters,
And you turn to me once more,
And you ask the question,
"Isn't this the most beautiful place you've ever seen?"And I already know the answer.
And I knew it before you finished asking.
And I look to you,
And I pause,
And it is only for your sake that I pause,
And I lean toward you,
And I kiss you upon the lips, oh, so gently,
And I say, "No, it isn't."And it is not. And it is not because this place, At this moment, is not truly perfect, But rather because I have seen What majestic sights hide In the caverns of my mind.​

Whispers Of A Lover’s Heart

Written In Fourteen Parts

In my dreams
The darkness speaks,
And I am not too sure 
About Fate...
She talks to reporters too much.
What am I looking for?
A pair of eyes, not mine,
To bless the darkness...
Soft breaths that whisper
Of "I love you"...
A ring on my finger
And one on his...
Real life.
Not much.
And not too high a price.
I live...
As I dream...
Tell me...
Do you love me?
Do you want to hug me?
Do you want to hold me tight?
I want to hold you through the night,
So tell me...
Do you love me?
...Your breath, your eyes,
The anticipation of your touch
Intoxicates me ... moves me ...
Motivates me to dream of you
In soft white silk...
The walls start to melt,
The sky shatters, broken glass,
I see eyes there, in the clouds,
And birds, flying upside down.
I am writing to let you now
That is simply does not matter...
That I like my hair short
And I hated those sandals...
That I am as beautiful
As I feel, not as you say.
You taste of warm summer nights
And cool autumn days and
Together we can make the rainbow
Come alive
And all the birds will bathe in it.
So come with me into the night.
Together we will explore the universe.
This is or time to live, love, and learn.
What is it that your heart desires
That I cannot give to you?
Why is it that you won't allow yourself
To see what I offer to you?
Where is it that you want to go
That I cannot take you there?
When is it that I cannot be
All that you ask, all that I dare?
You tender me such sweet affections
I cannot, but give my heart to you.
You ask that I learn to know you
But oh, that I should know no other than you.
I want to take you, in my arms,
Just the way you are...
And if in some future that will be,
(That "we" have, perhaps?)
You should change into something new,
I will love you just the same...
I will see you as you are,
Not as you seem to be...
I will see you for what you strive
To become...Always...Forever...
I will love you just the same
If the chance you give to me.
I had a dream last night.
I dreamt we were together,
Touching and feeling each other,
Caressing and tasting each other.
And then I awoke
And it wasn't a dream.
I was with you, and you with me,
Tightly, closely, in my arms,
And you weren't pushing me away.
I felt release in the softness of your skin.
And I dreamt, in daylight hours,
Of touching you until
The world was nothing but dust.
So I am sitting here,
Sipping softly of my coffee,
Wondering what I'd do without
The pain of love, and a fate
Whispering loudly to the reporters.
Perhaps she'll come talk with me someday
And we can sip coffee together.
That would be nice.
-Warren Norgaard

I Saw You At Golden Gate Park

I saw you at Golden Gate Park
or was it last year's DadaFest,
or maybe at Cicadia
or the MOMA Magritte exhibit
or when they did the Threepenny Opera.
I might've seen you
at the bookstore
or that Ethiopian Restaurant on Mission
or throwing, clumsily
but not ungracefully,
a frisbee at North Beach.
You would've been reading a book
or on your way back from an Indie film,
and I didn't talk to you
(thought by God I wanted to)
because I was with that other guy
or you were with that other guy
or maybe you looked unapproachable
or maybe I was too far away,
just checking you out with binoculars,
or watching your lovely upside-down image
through the camera obscura by the sea.
Anyway, I'm trying to find you
to say thanks
for beautifying my life
and maybe she should get some coffee
or at least talk about getting it,
because I'd love sitting across
from your bright intelligent eyes
(sometimes they were blue
but often brown
or hazel
and once,
when I'll never forget,
they were this soft amazing grey)
and talking about your job
which you either love to death
because that's a turn on
or else hate so much
you devote yourself to other things,
and talking about my love of photography
and exploring new foods at Cafe Istanbul
or talking about people passing by,
and how beautiful they might have been to know,
and how sad it is
(here I'd mention "A Une Passante" by Baudelaire
and you'd smile knowlingly,
whether pretending to know or not
doesn't matter,
as long as you'd pretend for me),
but in any case talking
if about nothing else than about
what an incredible coincidence it was,
your having seen these words which are,
of all the words everywhere,
after all about no one else but you,
and about the fact that I want another chance,
a better chance,
a chance at all with you.
-Warren Norgaard

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